Welcome to my portfolio! Here you can explore my past academic work.

Website Design

Nutrition Nation

For my Coding and Data Skills course, I created a website reporting the fundamental basics of nutrition. It’s fully coded in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Sound Saver

For my Digital Media Innovation Capstone course, I created a music equipment store app prototype. This is a promotional website showcasing the app and its features. Fully coded in HTML using bootstrap.

Personal Webpage

For my Web Design and Publishing course, I created a personal website that is fully coded in HTML and CSS.

Mobile App Prototype


For my Digital Media course, I used Figma to create an app prototype for a business that helps students connect with other students to find a roommate.

Download App Prototype

Sound Saver

For my Digital Media Innovation Capstone course, I created a I created a music equipment store app prototype. Sound Saver helps musicians find reliable equipment for an affordable price.

Download App Prototype

Download App Explanation

Client Analytic Report

City Of San Marcos

During my Social Media Analytics course, I had the opportunity to work with the City of San Marcos.

I created social media content for their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With my group, we analyzed the client’s social media platforms and how their content was preforming.

Download Analytic Report

Writing Samples

Hard News Reports

I’ve developed a passion for writing and journalism. You can check out my writing samples below to see my proficiency in hard news reporting. In my current role in social media, I consistently edit content, which has further enhanced my expertise through a combination of recent coursework and hands-on professional experience.

Download Hard News Report

Download Hard News Report

Magazine Design

Discover Austin

For my Media Design course, I created a 24-page magazine over Austin, Texas. I used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop for this project.

Download Discover Austin

WordPress Blog

Austin Experience

For my Digital Media course, I created WordPress hosted blog to showcase my favorite parts of Austin, Texas.


For one of my business courses, I created WordPress hosted site to showcase the products and services of my created business.